The Penny Stock Egghead


"With PGLO I made about a 40% gain, an $800.00 profit, within a couple of hours. Using Nathan's help I was able to monitor the investment closely and exit at the right moment. That's the type of work I can get used too!"

Nate Donaldson - Yazoo City, Mississippi

"Based on the Penny Stock Egghead's recommendation, I positioned myself into SOUL at an average price of $.75 In a little over a week, my investment realized a gain of just over $2k, or a realized profit of 150%."

Ray Green - Stockbridge, GA

"I bought Great Panther Silver on your recommendation in November @ $1.79 per share. A little while later I sold it at $3.21 for a huge 79 % gain which was over $1900.00 in profit. Incredible. Thank you very much!"

Roy Murphy - Courtice, Ontario

"After the Penny Stock Egghead's recommendation, I bought about 2,500 shares of GALE at $2.40. I added more on the way up and eventually sold near $4.50 for a gain of over 90% on my core position. This wouldn't have been possible without your help!"

Cyrus C. - Lahaina, Hawaii

"I can't believe I paid so little for the Egghead's stock picks. I would have easily paid 3 or 4 times more for them. Thanks and keep up the great work!"

Colin Berry - Dallas, Texas

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